Coffee Talk

So I just poured myself a cup of coffee, and the smell kicked up a gag reflex I didn’t even know I had.

Hazelnut flavored coffee smells disgusting! I mean really, really bad.

I can’t believe it’s as popular as it is.

It’s the Nic Cage of coffee.

The more horrible it performs, the more money people will throw at it,

perhaps for the sake of optimism, although I am inclined to believe that it’s because your average consumer has horrible taste.

Even in a pressure-free situation, they will purchase a yucky Hazelnut as often as they will select a delicious French Vanilla coffee product.

And if you don’t believe me, conduct this simple test for yourself.

Go to your local grocery store. Or wherever bad videos are rented.

Find Sonny and watch it. It has nothing to do with Hazelnut coffee.

But it has everything to do with Nicholas Cage being the worst actor/director ever.

He is bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. Bad. He is bad.

He makes Ed Wood look like an editing master.

It is really that bad. Even compared to his other movies, this is bad. And remember, he acted circles around himself in Gone in Sixty Seconds. But Sonny is worse than that. It’s worse than any other movie. It’s actually worse than things that aren’t even movies. But it’s still better than Hazelnut.

2 Responses to “Coffee Talk”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Two words. Or maybe it’s one afterall: Air Con. That’s some genius shit.

  2. jim says:

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