I can’t stop thinking about food.

Have you noticed that your last bite of a Chicken Sandwich from Burger King

(and this is even more true about McDonalds) always contains a nasty knobby

chicken piece?

It is often so terrible, I wind up spitting out the half-chewed last

bite. But that’s not the bad part.

The sandwich is round. All sides are exactly the same.

So is it just coincidence that the last bite is knobby?

Or does every bite contain a knob, but our pangs of hunger distract us from noticing

that we are eating knobs.

Then, as we reach the end (and grow presumably less hungry), we start to

notice the flaws in the food.

Apply it to any relationship and you’ll see that I am right.

Me, “when did she start acting so crazy?”

All of my friends, “oh, she’s always been crazy, haven’t you noticed?”

But I didn’t notice, because I was distracted by the other benefits of the


Thank God she didn’t have a knob, because I probably wouldn’t have even noticed.

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