Taking up a Man’s Room

So last night, I was at my friend’s club, and I walk into the restroom. There wasn’t a line, but every urinal was occupied. Except one. That’s right, the middle urinal was open…

So I buck up and squeeze into that middle spot.

Between two guys who were much bigger than me.

I mean they were taller. I didn’t look down.

Anyway, I’m probably only 25% done with what I’m doing. Guy to my left probably 50% done. And that’s when the guy to my right leaves. And so does everyone else in the restroom.

Now it’s just me and the guy to my left. To my immediate left. Our elbows are touching. But you can’t stop what you’re doing and move over. That’s physically impossible. You just try to hurry up.

It’s exactly like being stuck in an elevator with a guy who is standing way too close to you. And has his wanker in his hand.

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