First, let me clarify: I am not comparing Rachel to a stripper. Also, I would hook up with Rachel in a second, so I don’t wanna ruin my chances.

So the other night I was talking to a cocktail waitress named Rachel. She was wearing a very smart-looking pair of eyeglasses.
I was intending to only comment on her glasses and not her actual intelligence, but then she pointed out that she also was very smart.
This segued into a conversation about the overall intelligence of the cocktail waitress industry.
Of course, she says that there are a lot of brilliant waitresses. Which may or may not be entirely accurate.

Either way, it reminded me of a conversation that I find myself having over and over with strippers everywhere.
(At least, I recall having this conversation more than once. Or maybe I only had the conversation once and then retold it several more times. But whatever. That’s not the point.)
We always (see note above) end up engaging in the “who’s the real idiot” conversation.
If you have never had this conversation with a stripper, it goes something like this:

Me - “blah blah blah” (whatever I just said makes Stripper think that I think she is dumb. Then Stripper starts with the standard industry spin.)

Stripper - “people think that strippers are dumb because all we do for a career is remove our clothes. But, guys pay us hundreds of dollars just to do a stupid little dance for them, so who’s the real idiot?”

Me - “you’re totally right… blah blah blah” (whatever I say next is intended to make Stripper think that I believe that she is super-intelligent and is actually duping less intelligent men into giving Stripper all of their money. But, of course I don’t really agree with what I am saying, I am just saying that because I am talking to a Stripper. And I want a freebie. And I know that if I get a freebie, I will have conned Stripper out of more than just her profit. She will have been literally “stripped” of her intelligence…)

Little known stripper fact here: Did you realize that those guys who always date the strippers actually think that they are sporting a good look? You know what those guys look like. They all look the same- like extras from Growing Up Gotti.
So anyway, I always thought that they must be embarrassed to look the way that they do. I just found out that they actually think it’s a good look and are quite proud of themselves. That realization made me a little sad…

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