Nuts. Day Three.

So if you’ve been keeping track, it has been three days since I last spoke of my pistachio bag.
I am still eating these damn nuts.
It’s crazy. I can’t do anything else with my time.
I just keep eating from this bottomless bag of pistachios.

I’m not even sure if I actually like pistachios, or if I just like them because they are hard to get. You have to deliberately de-shell each one, and you wind up putting all of your focus into the process.
I think I need someone to come over and shuck them all for me. I am sure that if I just had a big pile of shucked nuts sitting in front of me, I could properly attack them and be done with it.
But this process of eating then shucking then eating then shucking… It’s never gonna end and I’m just about apoplectic. These nuts are making me crazy.

One Response to “Nuts. Day Three.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry — yet. You can still shake this thing (or at least make it through this bag with little long-term damage). You’re only in Phase I of your addiction. Seek professional help if the combination of relentless shucking and unforgiving salts force you to band-aid both thumbs.