Don’t Never Say Don’t Never

I talk a lot. And I don’t mean a little a lot. I mean a lot a lot.
But here’s the problem. If good talking is like good writing, then you should try not to repeat yourself too much while telling a story.
To keep it interesting, try not to rely on the same words or phrases repeatedly. (Like right then. I should not have said “repeatedly” because I said “repeat” in the previous sentence. It makes for boring writing. I know. I’m bored already. But I might as well finish this thought now that it has already started…)

So I do understand that I need to mix it up a little and keep it fresh. But remember, I do talk an awful lot. I’m running out of new words. At least the short words. So now I’m presented with this tough choice: Do I start repeating the same words again and again and again, or do I spice up my vocabulary with double negatives?

Hold that thought. I just noticed that I desperately need to go shave off this beard that I accidentally grew out of total ambivalence. I actually had to use shampoo on my face during my last shower. Then I combed my face and spiked it with pomade. It was very punk.

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