The Math of NASCAR

I noticed that Sirius Satellite Radio recently signed a deal to carry NASCAR races on one of their channels, beginning in 2007.
This is terrific news if you are a fan of watching things go around in a circle.
(Remember, though, this time you will only be listening to things go around in a circle, since it’s radio…)

Does that bother anyone else? Listening to cars drive around in a circle for 3 hours?
I would go crazy. And I don’t mean in the exaggerated way people suggest that they would get annoyed about something.
I mean I would first get very, very dizzy and fall down. Then, after a few minutes, I would stand back up and actually go crazy.

I understand that a NASCAR driver needs more than one lap to have a good race. That makes sense. You need to spend some time jockeying for position and drafting and such.
But really, three hours of making the same left turn?
What is different after Lap 258 that wouldn’t be available at Lap 12?

It isn’t the same as Marathon runners, who need to run a long distance to prove their superior stamina.
That doesn’t really factor in when you are driving a car.

A car doesn’t get tired like a runner. But it does wear out its parts.
That is the other insane thing about NASCAR… You go around in a circle so many times you actually need to replace your tires!
I’ve probably gone through two sets of tires in my life. A race car wears out two sets of tires in an afternoon.

Why replace your tires and refuel your car only to drive around the same circle some more? Just stop racing.
Apply some simple division to the number of laps that most Nascar races run, and you’ll see that I am right with my gasoline and tire saving solution.
Unless… Maybe the number of laps aren’t for the drivers. Maybe those laps are needed by the audience.
How long does it take someone to get really hammered on Bud Lite and sunburned with a bad farmers tan? I bet it takes 258 laps…

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