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I like to move it, move it

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

This post has no real purpose, other than to provide a fresh forum for the ladies to openly discuss their weekend plans.

So let’s just make a short list of all the shit that is going wrong while I’m trying to pack for traveling:

Laptop breakage. (I was going to buy a new one after returning from Africa. I only needed it to last another month, which, as you can see, did not happen.)
Bike breakage. (Why would my bicycle not break, two days before I planned to ship it to Los Angeles?)
Bike non-sale-age. (Perhaps related to breakage.)
Bed frame waste-age. (I couldn’t find anyone to purchase my old bed frame, and it doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment, so I just put it out on the street for someone to take. It felt a bit like I was making a donation, but mostly like I was littering.)
Malaria medicine overprice-age. (I will get bitten by bird-like bugs and die before I allow myself to be price-gouged by those greedy druglords.)

And what happened to all the wine that I was storing in this bottle? How did that disappear?

For The Twins

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

I drag myself away from the arduous task of overeating fish tacos, paying dearly to receive small doses of lethal diseases, and marveling at the poise possessed by fake Romanian Royalty, to bring you the first in my new series of Lists.

French Tickler
Lumberjack Breakfast
Florence or Flo?
Sour Patch Kids
Unskinny Bop
Soul Patch
Ham Sandwich