Some woman, as she was leaving the bar, walked over and asked “did she give you my number?”
I replied with a lie, “she tried to, but she couldn’t remember it. She thought there was an 8. And she was sure there was a 1.”
Girl interrupted with, “do you have a pen?”.
Me, “no. but I have a straw and a napkin. are you MacGuyver?”
Me, “wait, do you have a parakeet and a bit of twine?”
Her, “no”
Me, “also, I’m in a serious, committed, long-term relationship. But do you want to go to my website,”
Her, “no”.

7 Responses to “Antisocializing”

  1. Magdalena says:

    It may have happened months ago, and I may have heard the story at that time, but I still laughed out loud in my cubicle and saw some heads whip around in my direction nonetheless.

  2. Matt Oliver says:

    are you saying i brought you to LOL?

  3. Magdalena says:


  4. My Twin says:

    You guys are doing your nerd porn thing again, I can tell.

    LaMongo, have you noticed that the words for word verification are much like the words I try to sound out in scrabble? Today’s - “Bkaaup”

  5. Magdalena says:

    I have noticed. And considering that it’s Scrabble Nite ™, you should be practicing. So keep commenting.

  6. My Twin says:

    Why don’t you ever call me on the intercom anymore? Why are you so eager to get off every time I call you? What is going on????

  7. Claude says:

    areaways@chattels.foals” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    сэнкс за инфу!…