notes from africa

i’ve dedicated this morning to catching up… i went to Africa for the month of March, but the internet connection and electricity was so bad, i actually had to keep a paper blog. today, i have transferred a few of those notes to my blog, in the proper places.

if you’re looking for travel tips, or just wondering why my arm is still itchy, check out the March and April postings.

and pics from Africa are here. enjoy!

5 Responses to “notes from africa”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read your reflection on Liberia which is very unfair and sarcastic. You are doing a disservice to the readers by refusing to give a background on Liberia.

    Are you aware that a civil war occurred in Liberia and lasted for nearly two decades? As the result of the civil war the entire infrastrcure in the country was destroyed.

    The stereotype you have about the entire continent is exposed when you mentined Madonna and Angelina Jolie given a positive outlook about Africa. In your commentary you considered their statement as a “total lie”. Do you know that Arica is not a country but a continent? why generalize the conditions in Liberia and attribute it to the entire continent? During your entire stay in Liberia I guess you saw thousand of kids going to school and a country trying to rebuild after a prolonged Civil War.

    I am not really surprise because your refection only confirmed what many Africans belief. That is, many westerners only portrayed the negatives about Africa as seen on Television.

    Liberia may not have all he sophistication of the west but the peole are resalient and determine to rebuild.
    I would suggest that you read the following blogs:,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just want to call your attention to a few typographical errors in my earlier post. Arica-Africa, Infrastrcure-Infrastructure,mentined-mentioned.

  3. Matt Oliver says:

    but wait, there’s more…

  4. Magdalena says:

    In general, Matt Oliver is very unfair and sarcastic.

  5. Dustin says:

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