i might have to use the "B" word for this one

A friend moved from NYC to LA around the same time I did, and he has never been happier. LA has been good to him- more money, more opportunities, etc.

For me, it has always been exactly the opposite. LA has always been like that girl who doesn’t want to date me. She’s polite, but never offers more than that. She doesn’t laugh at any of my jokes, she doesn’t miss me when I’m gone. She never buys me dinner or offers to pay for anything. I go to her beach, and she kicks sand in my Blackberry. She constantly makes me work hard but gives me nothing in return.

Why can’t I take a hint?

LA, your general disdain is driving me wild.

5 Responses to “i might have to use the "B" word for this one”

  1. Magdalena says:

    Don’t be a whiner - be a wino.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Move back to New Jersey. Two things: You won’t have to pump your own gas and Christ is the answer

  3. K. Priscilla Jones ("KJ") says:

    Halfway between New York and Los Angeles is Austin. Maybe you should consider moving someplace a little more hospitable than the two meanest cities in America. I think you like the abuse.


  4. george says:

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  5. Edward says:

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