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i think it’s really awesome…

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

when you write someone a personal message and their response is just a link to their blog.

also, i think it’s great that pedestrians don’t stay to the right when they walk down a sidewalk. act like a car, people. when you’re going to make a left turn to go into a shop and i’m walking in the opposite direction toward you, let me pass first and then make your turn. don’t cut a diagonal swath across the sidewalk toward the shop entrance as i am approaching you because that forces me to do two things. 1. it forces me to veer to my left into the approaching lane of pedestrian traffic, thereby becoming one of them. 2. it makes me late for the concert that i am supposed to be getting ready for, but i can’t because i have to write these instructions for people who don’t know how to walk down a sidewalk.

sometimes i lisp when i doth protest

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

i like it when people who hate blogs start blogging.