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but i’m not depressed. could a depressed person come up with the best business idea ever? that’s what i thought.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

the other day, i had to call tech support. (it’s totally my fault, i’m the one who bought a Dell…) as i was talking to this guy on the other end of the line, i discovered that my call was routed to Bombay. he was a very nice dude, and was trying to be helpful, but his Indian accent made it a little tough to understand his English words. i sometimes have the same problem when i’m talking to my Indian friends here in The States. the difference is that when i’m talking to them in person, the non-verbal can sometimes fill in the blanks. but when i’m on the phone with someone, it’s not so easy. that’s when it occurred to me… i wish i could hire an Indian guy to come to my house and call the Indian tech support guys for me. he could serve as a translator.

although i guess if i have an Indian guy at my house, he could just fix my computer. i assume they all know how to.

oh, and as a sidebar… i’m going to be in India next Thursday, doing some work with charity: water. i gotta remember to bring my Dell.

I like to move it, move it

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

This post has no real purpose, other than to provide a fresh forum for the ladies to openly discuss their weekend plans.

So let’s just make a short list of all the shit that is going wrong while I’m trying to pack for traveling:

Laptop breakage. (I was going to buy a new one after returning from Africa. I only needed it to last another month, which, as you can see, did not happen.)
Bike breakage. (Why would my bicycle not break, two days before I planned to ship it to Los Angeles?)
Bike non-sale-age. (Perhaps related to breakage.)
Bed frame waste-age. (I couldn’t find anyone to purchase my old bed frame, and it doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment, so I just put it out on the street for someone to take. It felt a bit like I was making a donation, but mostly like I was littering.)
Malaria medicine overprice-age. (I will get bitten by bird-like bugs and die before I allow myself to be price-gouged by those greedy druglords.)

And what happened to all the wine that I was storing in this bottle? How did that disappear?