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don’t know if i’ll be back again

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

i’m sitting in the Golden Bar and Restaurant, inside the “terminal” at the Roberts International Airport outside of Monrovia, Liberia.

i’m nearly alone at the bar, and drinking a large bottle of Club Beer. blaring in the background is a bad Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. this beer is cold, but the glass smells funny. every time i raise the glass to take a sip, my nose crinkles. Natasha Henstridge is also in this movie. she’s sort of weird looking. i mean, to be in the “hot” category.

i just heard that the Astraeus flight is on schedule, so i hope to get to London on time.

back on the tv, Van Damme has entered what appears to be a gay bath house. he has suprised his enemy.

i was a little sad to leave the Peet family today. they were so good to me here. and the kids were so cute with their little goodbyes. if i ever return to Liberia, it will be to visit them.

anyway, i’m nervous to fly but i’m excited to get away from this loud Van Damme movie, stinky beer mugs in dirty bars, and Africa in general.