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someone to watch over me

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

one thing that i quickly grew accustomed to here, and will definitely miss- having a staff of people working at the house.
you never arrive home to an empty house. when you pull up to the compound, security opens the gates, directs you all the way into the parking spot, and helps carry your bags into the house. it’s as if you pulled up to the entrance of a luxury hotel.

there are two security guards on duty at all times, sitting out on the front drive, with nightsticks on their laps. they are constantly watching over the property.

and the housekeeper is here all day, every weekday. she bleaches my shirts, rotates the bedding daily, and shops for fresh produce.

i will need to bring these people back to Los Angeles with me.

ah, and before i take a nap, let’s do a quick Bug Bite count.
Left Leg/Foot: 6
Right Leg/Foot: 24
Left Arm: 5
Right Arm: 13
Neck/Face: 5
Right Buttock: 2

that is a total of 55 bites from spiders, ants, bed bugs, and mosquitos!