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you might find yourself in another part of the world

Friday, March 30th, 2007

it was very un-me of me to come to a place like this without first asking some questions. as i was trying to explain to someone the other day, scott harrison did a great job of depicting the conditions here. when i arrived, the villages and the people and the generally miserable conditions were all exactly as i had seen in his pictures. but somehow, when i was comfortably in nyc and nonchalantly agreeing to take this trip, i guess i imagined it would be more like a daytrip to Tijuana…

sure, i’d be out in those villages during the day, but then i’d hop back in my air-conditioned, properly maintained automobile and race away to a Best Western or Motel 6 or whatever. didn’t think that the rules of the jungle applied to everyone. i was wrong.