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she’s got dumps like a truck

Friday, March 30th, 2007

what does that mean, exactly? well, i know what the expression means,
but i think it begs to be misconstrued. nevermind. that’s neither here nor there. i just had that song stuck in my head because i went to the city dump today. that’s a pleasant experience first thing in the morning.

since Liberia has no public waste system, garbage doesn’t get collected. people either burn their trash or they can drive to the city dump and leave it there. we opted for the latter. when we arrived this morning, i stayed in the car and let the flies come swarm all over me, rather than going to them. wanted to make them work for it. Olly (the NGO volunteer i’m staying with) dropped the trash and gave a few Liberian dollars to the kids standing in the dump, picking through it.

sorry if that ruined your breakfast.

my legs are so itchy i want to scream. see, i’ve let my guard down a bit, now that i’m staying at Olly’s house. started wearing shorts and not spraying Off! all up
and down my body. I forgot that although i’m finally at a nice house, it’s
still a nice house in africa.