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we hate our customers

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

this morning, Olly suggested that i break my Royal routine. for
variety, he offered to drive me to the other side of the city, across
from the US Embassy, to The Mamba Point Hotel. this, according to or one of those sites, is the second best hotel in the
city, right behind The Royal Hotel. despite the fact that a hotel guest was
attacked and killed here at some point (according to a user comment i read on that hotel site). actually, i’m going to go find that comment and link it here, so you don’t have to get the facts second hand…

anyway, i’ll continue while another browser window loads that link.

oh, actually i found a bit more info than what i had previously read
in that comment on
“But current information gathered at the Mamba Point Hotel where the
victim met his untimely demise on Monday night, 24 May, revealed that
the U.S. military top brass was attacked and stabbed with an
unidentified object by an unknown person. The identity of the killer
is yet to be established. Both international and local police have
started a massive search for the culprit. The incident occurred in the
victim’s Mamba Point Hotel room.

The Mamba Point Hotel is located in the Diplomatic enclave of Mamba
Point within the vicinity of the United States embassy in the Liberian
capital, Monrovia. The Mamba Point Hotel is the leading hotel among
dozens of hotels in the country and has been host to hundreds of
travelers visiting the country.”

so, Olly graciously drives me all the way over here, and drops me off. says he’ll return to pick me up around 4pm. i walk into the lounge and discover signs and flyers distributed on all the tables, with a bunch of new rules about internet use.
apparently, they are cracking down on the people who prefer to lounge around here (in their LOUNGE) and use their internet all day. like i was planning to do.

beginning today, there is now a one hour time limit. and shoes MUST be kept on. and keep your feet off the furniture. don’t bring your own food or drinks into our establishment. they nearly go as far as to suggest we might have been raised in a barn. (i bet a lot of Liberians wish they were raised in a barn, so maybe that wouldn’t have sounded so rhetorical to them.)

fortunately, i have run into some ex-pat friends i made i earlier in my trip and we are now arranging a shuttle to transport us from this stingy little restaurant back to our safe haven at The Royal. if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. or, don’t go to Liberia. not sure which lesson i should take away from this morning’s adventure.